Sport and healthy lifestyle

The fitness boom of the past decades led to a big rise in the numbers of people participating in sports and activities. Those who pursue the latest fitness fashion are convinced that staying in good physical form requires much more than regular exercise and balanced meals. For anyone who really wants to be healthy, fitness has become an integral part of their lives. A lot of health and fitness club, and public leisure centers indicate the popularity of sports during the past thirty years. There are many opportunities for keeping fit. First of all it's necessary to do exercises. Running, jumping, swimming, bending and stretching are among the most popular exercises. Many people prefer jogging, which is the cheapest and the most accessible sport. Popular running competitions are now held everywhere. The big city marathons have become sporting events. A healthy body becomes a fashion, an ideal of the modern life. Many sports activities have become part of daily Russian life. Football has always been the most popular sport among boys. Playing football is healthy, football also bring people close because in order to win people have to work as a team. The best way to avoid depression caused by the city life is doing exercises. Taking exercise is only one part of keeping fit. It's important to get slim. Some people eat nothing but fruit for several days. But it won't be of any use without proper exercises. Besides to avoid serious disease one should give up smoking. Smoking should be banned in all public places.

As for me, I'm interested in different kinds of sport. At school we have physical training lesson twice a week. I like to ski in winter. Sometimes the whole family goes skiing at the weekend. In summer I like to swim. I also do some cycling. I'm very fond of hockey. I try to watch every hockey match on TV.

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